In early nineties, efforts to work on Urdu composing software on personal computer had started gaining popularity in the Pakistan market and with the advent of the second phase of computerized Urdu composing in 1997 Ahmed Grafics & Computer Services had emerged as a forward-looking enterprise dedicated to promote computerized Urdu composing. Its services were then limited to simple Urdu/English composing and page-making but it is now it is providing elaborate pre-press services—right from composing and layout-making to page-making and designing books, reports and manuals—to the leading printing and publishing houses in Pakistan.

The growing need for In-Page software and its shortage in Pakistan was efficiently met with by Ahmed Grafics in 2001 when it began its sale and after-sale support. Today, the company stands out as the authorized sole distributors of this most powerful Urdu page-layout software in Pakistan, providing satisfactory online and on-site service in addition to its sale.

The Qur’an is undoubtedly the largest published, most widely read and Most Blessed Book. Ahmed Grafics are also the authorized dealers of the Qur’an Publishing System which is an advanced computerized composing software for the Holy Book, and they provide complete pre-press and publishing services to Qur’an publishers.

For calligraphy Kelk software is the best and Ahmed Grafics are its authorized distributors in Pakistan.
eBook is a new trend in Book Publishing, it is digitally printed book, which can read on iOS, Android, PC and Mac Computers. AGCS is providing ebook conversion facility to many publishers.