Holy Qura’n Publishing Services

We provide complete pre-press and publishing services to Qur’an publishers by using Qur’an Publishing System which is an advanced computerized composing software for the Holy Book.

Industry standard Publishing Software’s

We are sole distributor of World famous Urdu software InPage in Pakistan. Below are software’s, which you can purchase from us directly from web also.

What We Do

We provide web development services, Book pre-press and eBook publishing services with a professional way.

Web Development

Ahmed Grafics is a professional website design company focusing on custom, 
quality web designs. We are based in Karachi –essentially ‘off-shore’ for many of our visitors 
– which means our prices are bound to be in the ‘very affordable’ 

Pre-Press and Publishing Service

Ahmed Grafics and Computer Services are providing Traditional Books Pre-Press, Printing and Publishing Service to authors and publishers. Some of our valued clients are: Scheherzade and Easy Quran Foundation

Mobile App Development

We offer exceptional mobile application development services. Availability of complete mobile development services under one roof. Extensive experience in mobile applications development.

Recent Work

Below are some work done by Ahmed Gafics and computer Services.


English translation of Holy Quran by Dr Syed Tilmiz Hasnain

Complete Ghalib

Android app, available at Google Play store

Let’s Work Together

If you are interested to get ready for print or printed book of your manuscript or Holy Qura’n, tafseer, translation, kindly fill up the form, provide your complete details, will reply your message with in 12 to 24 hours.