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Typography and play with letters are a unique feature of the Persian line that helps to make the text more beautiful. The Qalam Bartar typography tool can be used directly in Word, Indesign, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Wordpad, Notpad. You’ll see shortcut keys and their performance.

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Qalam Bartar typography at a glance

Typography and play with letters are a unique feature of the Persian line that helps to make the text more beautiful. Extensions, alternate shapes, letter layouts, and points are all features that are used for this purpose.
These properties are added to the fonts and added to the fonts without the conversion of the text into the curve, using the shortcut keys, the arrangement of the letters.
The Qalam Bartar typography tool can be used directly in Word, Indesign, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Wordpad, Notpad. You’ll see shortcut keys and their performance.
What is Qalam Bartar

Whether your profession is designed and published or you are dealing with a lot of Persian writing, your favorite item is the right one. This product offers Farsi text in its most beautiful form with unique techniques.

Instead of using common fonts, you should use superior fonts and enjoy the amazing differences created in the post. Also, the toolkit gives you the tools you can create custom changes to your posts.

Some of the features of these fonts include:

  • Clear and crisp letters
  • Right spacing between letters and words
  • Precise and complete Arabs
  • Supports all Persian, Arabic, and Kurdish alphabets
  • Easy insertion of phrases like:
  • Suitable Latin letters
  • Less space occupancy, paper savings
  • Typography
  • Various and functional fonts
  • Calligraphy and Quran fonts
  • Windows and Mac versions
  • Supports: Office, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

Designing the correct letters of each letter in a font makes the appearance of the text look prettier. So the following corrections were made to fonts:

•  Fractures and distortion on the curved case was resolved.
• The elegance of the lost letters was returned to them.
• The letters are aligned in terms of size and shape.
•  Appropriate location for points and Arabs.
•  Problem connecting letters changed.
Correction of distortion in letters | Ruby Ruby
Correction of Quill Change the “e” to its original form Maintaining the elegance of the curve “n” Gold pen
coordination shape, size and location of the point | Ruby ruby
spacing and thickness trim in “A” hat | Thickness Coherence “α” | Font A
convenient position of dots in the letter combination | Combination of “foot” | Font titles font
correction | The letters “M” and “H” | Correction of distortion under ruby ​​pen name

Great problems with common Persian fonts are the disparity between letters and words. Professional designers usually manually create these distances. Of course, this is only possible in headlines, and long texts remain the same.

The correct spacing is one of the most important features of the top font.

Correct the position of the feet Create a co-ordinating between the letters “r” and “h”

Fill Automatic Extra Spacing between “R”, “G” | Automatic teeth lengthening to fill negative space Gold pen Bold

reform as “La» | Create regular intervals between the letters “and”, “o”, “r”, “d” | Lotus pen to

prevent rogue interference with “A” | Pen one

Related Phrases

• Use of highly prayed phrases. Their easy insertion is one of the bigger benefits. For example by writing? Huh? Automatically phrase? (Peace be upon him).


A simple typography (playing with letters) makes the headlines look beautiful and impressive. It’s noteworthy that typography changes are done directly in programs such as Word, InDesign, Illustrator, and there is no need to convert text to curve.

Thumbnail Typography Features include:
• Deformation of the letters “B”, “S”, “K”, “E”, “Y” and … depending on the character of the desired font.
• Possibility to move vertically and horizontally dots, Arabs and letters.
• Ability to change shape and size of dots.
Change, color, and shape of points and Arabs
Deformation pencil “K”, “E” and “Y” | Pen
Using the  Stylistic Set in InDesign
using this option, you can change the letter “K”, “G” and “E” in the entire text.
Top: No Set | Center: Deformation of “K” and “G” using ” Set1 ” | Down: Deformation of “e” using ” Set2 “.
Latin Letters

The lack of coordination of Latin letters with Persian is one of the permanent problems of Farsi. Almost always it was necessary for Latin letters to be multiples smaller to fit into Persian letters. Another advantage of the font is the co-ordination of Latin and Persian letters in terms of size and shape.

From above: Nazanin, One, and Gray

Font Family

With the font family, the user does not need to use multiple fonts in one job. Using the font family, you can create beautiful and harmonious creations.

Lotus font family

Nazanin font family


Fonts: Mitra (4 Weights), Lotus (4 Weights), Nazanin (3 Weights), Ruby (3 Weights), One (3 Weights), Header, Badr (3 Weights), Zar Bold, Jalal (2 Weights), Hassub (2 Weights), Homa (3 Weights) ), Engine, Dream (3 Weights), Traffic (2 Weights), Dear (2 Weights), Baby and Quranic versions are by default available in the Penultimate.

Users can download and use other fonts in accordance with their work orders by visiting the font store . These fonts are divided into topics such as text, title, calligraphy, and handwriting. Below are some examples of these fonts:

– Fine Art Cinema Ali Medical –

– Font Leila Kare Reza Bakhtiari Fard

– – Font Broken –

Quranic Features

Quranic manuscript font specifications:

  1. Accurate Expression
  2. Color change of Arabs and points
  3. Arabs pulled
  4. Letters drawn
  5. Deformation of compounds
  6. The flower of the verse with the possibility of changing the color of the flower and the verse number
  7. The Arabs of La and Lall combinations
  8. Changing the color of the letters of the lell combinations separately
  9. Combined Arabs
  10.  Waqf symbols

Technical Description

The premium pen can be installed on both Windows and Mac.

  • Windows XP to Win10 32bit and 64bit versions
  • Mac OS X version 10.6 to 10.11
Environments that work more freely:
  • Adobe ME products from CS3 to CC2018
  • Office products 2003 to 2016 (Windows)
  • Word 2016 Mac version
  • WordPad and Notepad
  • Pages version 5.5
  • QalamBartar Text Edit
  • And all programs that use the Persian operating system.
You can use graphical output for programs that do not have the ability to directly insert Persian text (such as video applications).

Qalam Bartar

  • Used directly in Word, Indesign, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Wordpad, Notpad. You’ll see shortcut keys and their performance.

Other premium fonts of Qalam Bartar

To buy these fonts, you need to have a copy of QalamBartar software. Font purchased, all users can use a serial number. The smart store prevents the purchase of a font.

Shekista font | Maryam Soft

Roya Bakh Font | Raza Bakhtiari Fard

Naskh qurani 93 font | Maryam Soft

Mirza Font | Ameer Mehdi Muslahi

Nian font | Afsana Salik-Raza Bakhtiari Fard

Behman font | Ali and Ehsan Jaffar Pesha

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