Kelk-Ultimate Calligraphy

The Ultimate Calligraphy Software for Osman Taha Naskh, Nastaleeq, Thuluth, Tahriri, Shekasteh, Hashem Baghdadi Naskh, Divani khafi and Divani Jali, kuffi, Moalla, Lahoori Nastaleeq and Ruqaa. It is also possible to use ordinary Arabic fonts in combination with calligraphy fonts.

Now with the power of Kelk, you can type your favorite piece of text, poem or verse and watch its formation into beautiful Calligraphic fonts.

Ahmed Grafics are reseller of Kelk in Pakistan. You can purchase it directly from them or ask to your vendor to supply it, if you are a corporate client.

Here are some screen shot of the software, we can provide its demo video on demand, please write us an email for request.