Zekr Qur’an was made with coding made for Windows, giving it the feel of any other Windows application. It is fully featured with advanced searching, navigation, recitation, and commentary.

The backbone of Zekr is very generic, allowing customization in many ways. Customize the language, translation, recitation, commentary, and theme. Make Zekr perfect for you.

Ahmed Grafics has modify Zekr Qur’an – Indo Pak Script for need of peoples who lived in Pakistan and India sub-continent and are used to read Quran a different Naskh style, which called Indo Pak Naskh. We especially thank to Mr Mohsen Saboorian, whose kind gaudiness, able us to make modification in Zekr, to meet requirement of Pakistan and India Sub-continet. We also thank to Qari Akram Muhammadi, who allow his high quality Muhammadi Quranic font for use in this software. Zekr – IndoPak Script is free downloadable software, which can download from links given below.

Zekr Qur’n – Indo Pak Script have built in translations of English, Urdu and Sindhi Languages, however user can add other languages from. These translations and Qur’an Text as well, can copy / paste in InPage Ver 3, which is mostly used in publishing and printing of Urdu, Sindhi Languages.