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Pre-Press Services


Ahmed Grafics and Computer Services is a Karachi-based Pre-Press and publishing services provider founded in 1991. It provided Pre-Press services and publishing services for books in hardback and paperback.

Ahmed Grafics provides Pre-Press services for Oxford University Press and complete many projects for them such as Oxford English to Urdu Dictionary, compiled by Shan-ul-Haq Haqqi. Oxford English to Urdu Pocket Dictionary, compiled by Saleem-ur-Rehman and many more educational and general books project.

It specialise in assisting the publication for Holy Quran with using of Quran Publishing System. In 2005, it provided first time Pre-Press services for Al-Qur’an, translated by Abdul Hameed Aliani, Published by Idaratul Quran, Karachi.

Ahmed Grafics provided Pre-Press and Publishing Services to many publishers/organisations for Holy Quran and Books, some are these:

Anjuman Taraqi Urdu Pakistan, Karachi
Crispus International, USA
Darul Aloom, Korangi, Karachi
Fazleesons Book Supermarket, Karachi
Islamic communication Trust, Karachi
Khurasan Book Centre, Karachi
Mahfooz Book Agency, Karachi
Maktaba Danyal, Karachi
National Academy of Performing Arts, Karachi
Pakistan Law House, Karachi
Pakistan Medical Association, Karachi
Pakistan National Forum on Women’s Health, Karachi
Paramount Publishing Enterprises, Karachi
Piler, Karachi
S A Kunwar, England
Scheherzade, Karachi
Tawheed Center of Farmington Hills, USA
Time Management Club, Karachi
Welcome Bookport, Karachi

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